Expert retail & commercial cleaning services in Tamworth

At Keen Eye Cleaning in Tamworth, we know how important it is to keep your commercial space at an immaculate standard of cleanliness. With this in mind, our team is proficient in all areas of workplace health and safety. This ensures you and your employees are safe and your company complies with all necessary requirements.

We have worked across a range of industrial and commercial cleaning applications to provide comprehensive services that meet our clients' needs.
We provide commercial cleaning for:
Retail outlets
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commercial lobby — Commercial Cleaning in Tamworth, NSW


Office Cleaning

A clean office is a productive office. Let your employees know you're looking after them by making sure their environment is clean and professional. They will feel happier and more motivated and you’ll be compensated by their improved productivity.

Office cleaning by Keen Eye Cleaning is the sensible way to enjoy the indisputable benefits of a clean, well-organised office. Not only that, it also gives your staff more pride in their workplace and provides you with the most convenient and immediate solution for clients and colleagues to visit.

At Keen Eye Cleaning, we provide Tamworth businesses with high quality cleaning services that make sense on your business accounts. Affordability is factored in because we know you’re looking for value-for-money when it comes to your need for regular office cleans.

Our industry experience will work in your favour—not just because we know our equipment and cleaning solutions. We also save you money with scheduled office cleans that are timed to work with your regular needs. And when there’s an incident that calls for urgent clean-up, you know you can call us. In most circumstances, we’ll be able to respond to your needs.

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Builders Cleans

If you are building or remodelling a new office, utilise our builders clean services.

A clean construction site is safer for all contractors and ensures that your project moves forward efficiently. Our team will ensure that your site is suitable for work to continue. Nearing completion, we will have it ready for inspections and final presentation.

The main aspect of any builders clean is to remove dust and rubbish that have accumulated on-site throughout the construction process. It's also important for surfaces to be cleaned, ready for the installation of cubicles, doors and any finishing touches.

Our team will rid your site of debris, dust and dirt, as well as tape, tarps and plastic coverings, or any other bits and pieces left by the tradespeople. We adhere to all Safe Work Method Statement Standards and will ensure your site is compliant.

Leave the dirty work to our team and keep your project moving swiftly toward completion.
carpet in office — Commercial Cleaning in Tamworth, NSW


Retail Cleaning

Make your retail space shine and get your customers focussed on the products you sell with Keen Eye Cleaning's retail services.

We'll help present your products and services in the best light by maintaining a sparkling environment to show them off. Your floors, windows, shelves and surfaces need to be cleaned regularly to keep up with the high traffic your store endures.
Our team will provide:
Rubbish removal
Window cleaning
Wiping & dusting
Bathroom cleaning
Vacuuming & mopping
Lunch & kitchenette cleaning
For a flawless environment, make the most of our retail cleaning service. Your merchandise will be treated with the utmost care, and your store will receive the attention it deserves.