Pest Control & Inspections in Tamworth

Pest Control service will be launching soon at Keen Eye Cleaning.

At Keen Eye Cleaning, we want the best for your home and family, which is why we provide safe, quick and effective pest control services.

There's nothing worse than finding pests crawling through your home but there is a solution. Our expert team can use a combination of sprays and baits on the interior and exterior of your building. We use well-known insecticides to target specific pest infestations effectively.

We can spray your kitchen, cupboards, ceiling and skirting boards to protect you from spiders, cockroaches, ants and more. We'll also treat the exterior perimeter of your home, paying close attention to any problem areas or potential access points the pests are using.

Contact our team to discuss your needs.
pest control service — Pest Control in Tamworth, NSW


Pest Inspection

The best way to keep your home protected from unwanted guests is to have a good offense in place. Here at Keen Eye Cleaning we can help with that.

Our expert team can come to your property and perform a pest inspection to identify any activity and the best way to approach the situation at hand. Due to the tenacious nature of pests we recommend an inspection every 6 to 12 months.
pest inspection — Pest Control in Tamworth, NSW
For more information on the products and treatments we use, please don't hesitate to call us.