Tamworth upholstery & carpet cleaning & floor polishing

Is your carpet and upholstery really clean? If you haven't had them washed in a while, dirt, grime and allergens are likely lurking within the fibres of your flooring and furniture.

At Keen Eye Cleaning in Tamworth, we are here to help extend the life of your carpet with our vacuuming, deep steam cleaning and stain treatment services. We will give your room a fresh and clean appearance, while removing germs and dust from your space.

Our services are suited to asthma and allergy sufferers as we only use steam cleaning and hypoallergenic cleaning materials.

Refresh your carpets and upholstery. For a free quote, call today.
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Floor Polishing

Hard surface flooring can be an impressive feature to your home or business, but they often become scratched and dull in areas of high traffic. With this in mind, we'll work to bring your flooring back to life and protect it for future wear. Our team can clean tiled, vinyl and wooden flooring with ease.

By regularly cleaning your floors, you'll increase their appearance and longevity, which will decrease costs of repair in the long run.

Keeping your hard surface floors in good condition is another element of creating a safe and healthy environment for your family and employees.
floor polishing service — Carpet Cleaning in Tamworth, NSW


Carpet Cleaning

You’re in for a treat if you’re yet to experience the lift a professional carpet clean delivers. Keen Eye’s carpet cleaning is the most affordable way you’ll find to smarten up the rooms in your home or office.

Rugs too can benefit from our professional carpet cleaning service.

We say professional because we have years of experience in commercial and residential carpet cleaning and we know which cleaning products, equipment and techniques work. These are solutions not readily available to industry outsiders. But they get the job done effectively and affordably. Just wait and see.

When you see your freshly cleaned carpet and rugs, you’ll appreciate at least half the story. Stains, in most cases, will be banished completely (we can’t speak for every possibility) and the texture of the fibres will be revitalised.

The other half of the story involves the not so obvious health benefits. Our carpet cleans make a day-night difference to the dangers deep down in carpet that hasn’t been professionally cleaned. And finally, your carpets and rugs will have longer, healthier lives following regular professional cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Keen Eye Cleaning brings to your premises the power of Hot Water Extraction.

With the help of a portable, or truck-mounted. carpet cleaning machine, our operator will treat the fibres of your carpet and rugs to hot water under high pressure.

Hot Water Extraction is all about deep cleaning of the fibres. Our machine will simultaneously extract the water along with the previously resident dirt, pollutants and bacteria. All that’s needed then is 2-4 hours’ drying time, depending on textile type.

Contact us today to book Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning for your rugs and carpets.
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Our full carpet cleaning service includes:

Stain treatment

Upholstery Cleaning

With daily use, it's no surprise that dust, pollen, germs and stains end up settling into your furniture. But you don't have to accept this, you can enlist the help of Keen Eye Cleaning.

Our upholstery and furniture cleaning services are efficient and strong enough to treat the deepest set-in stains. We use a steam cleaning method that is safe for the entire family. This method also dries quickly and will not damage your furniture.
Upholstery service — Carpet Cleaning in Tamworth, NSW